Friday, November 28, 2008


I have received the documentation for the course today, filled it out and posted it off. I am a little worried about the medical section… I hope they won’t stop me going on the course…

Monday, November 24, 2008

It’s booked!

I have made a booking for the Introduction to Motorcycling course with DECA for the 21st December, 2008. I am very excited, and nervous at the same time. I found about this course through a friend of mine, Keith. He had done it and found it rather good, and I thought it would be good to have as many hours of riding behind me before I do the Pre-Learners.

And so it begins...

I have been thinking about getting a motorcycle for a while, because of the shear fun factor, they look great, and also the economy side of thing. With petrol at $1.65 per litre recently it is extra encouragement! A Masters student of mine, Budi, said to me at the start of the year after talking an hour about his bikes, “Don’t dream, just go out and do it!” Budi, thanks for your encouragement!
Other people I need to thank is Mike M from Otago… Your shear passion for riding was just catching, and I enjoyed when you took me on pillion. …Anton, another colleague and friend from Otago, I still remember your bike in bits in the kitchen! I love listening to you and Mike chatting about bikes, over beers in the Staff Club, wishing I could join in.

I am sure on this journey I will have to thank others too, but I will when the time comes.

So here is the start of my journey of getting two wheels.