Thursday, May 14, 2009

Screen thoughts

I have been thinking about getting a screen for my bike for a while for a couple of reasons – to reduce the amount of air that hits me when I ride and also for the look factor. The OEM sceen and bracket for the Virago I had a quote for $360 for the screen and then a further $104 for the bracket. They look cool, but I was hoping to get something for about half the amount, especially the screen is a small one.

OEM Screen

XV250 Classic V Screen
Classic windhield styling. Provides upper body wind protection for greater comfort on cross-town and cross-contry trips. (Adjustable Height)
ABA-1TE06-00-00 $360.72
Note: For fitting to XV250 screen mounting hardware is required. (ABA-2GV06-40-00) Chrome plted mounting hardware sold spearately.

XV250 Classic-V Screen Mounts
Mounting harware to suit XV250 Windshiels
ABA-2GV06-40-00 $104.05

So I tried a place I found through CycleTorque magazine, Eagle Screens.

Today I have ordered a screen from them called an Eagle Eater. Daggy sounding I know, but I hope it will fit nicely on my bike and look good too. It will take about ten days for it to make and ship. I am going for the "wide" version with scalloped sides.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Clutch & Brake Lever Modification

I have been having trouble, not just with my bike, but with also the bikes I used on the course, with reaching the levers. I don’t have the smallest of hands for a girl, but I guess they are smaller than the average guy, which I presume the bike is set up for. I tried to adjust the levers like it said in the manual, but that only helped slightly. Paul mentioned to me that the cast aluminium levers could be bent if heated.

So today I sought Peter’s help. He was a little worried with heating aluminium, as it doesn’t give off the telltale glow steel does. Checking on the net, there is a technique of rubbing softened soap on the area prior to heating the cast aluminium with an oxy-acetylene torch. Once the soap chars the metal is almost ready to bend. At this point he heated the area a little more, tried to bend the metal, and if it didn’t bend, continue heating. After the desired angle was created the metal was allowed to cool without quenching. It worked like a treat! In ten minutes the handles were bent to the desired angle.

This evening I placed the levers back on the bike and they are definitely easier to reach. The real test will be on my next ride.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going out in style - The Harley Hearse

Yes, another one of those things that came through my inbox that I thought was too good not to share!

Some info:

The funeral home is in Topeka, Kansas.
This rig can be rented for $500 plus a dollar a mile over 100 miles.
The owner of the rig is the biker looking chap :-) When you see him you'll know what I mean, and I don't mean any disrespect!
The owner of the funeral home is the guy in the suit in the bottom photo.

Cat Bike

These images came through my inbox, and I would share them with you just in case you haven't seen them already. It is a nice piece of work, and I love the slogan on the tank.