Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ant Bike Sold

My beautiful bike has sold to a lovely couple that live up the road from me. I am very happy that it has gone to a good home. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ant Bike For Sale

Yes, you have read right, I am selling my beloved 2006 XV250. It is not that I am giving up riding or anything. Far from it! I am moving up to a 2006 Triumph Scrambler.

If you are interested in buying my ride, or know someone who might be, here is the advert for it:

Print Friendly Option - now avaiable on this blog :)

I know when I have been to a blog and have seen a piece of information that I wanted to keep for future reference, or as a guide, but when you go to print it or save it as a PDF, it just spits out pages of gibberish, the photos are all crammed into one corner. It is just a waste of paper.

To stop this happening here, I have installed a new tool, called PrintFriendly.  So if you open a post you are interested (as a separate post, not in the blog feed), then you will have a couple icons come up, giving you the option to print the post, or save it as a PDF.  All free, and free of ads too.  I hope it saves some hassles as well as saving some trees.