Thursday, May 14, 2009

Screen thoughts

I have been thinking about getting a screen for my bike for a while for a couple of reasons – to reduce the amount of air that hits me when I ride and also for the look factor. The OEM sceen and bracket for the Virago I had a quote for $360 for the screen and then a further $104 for the bracket. They look cool, but I was hoping to get something for about half the amount, especially the screen is a small one.

OEM Screen

XV250 Classic V Screen
Classic windhield styling. Provides upper body wind protection for greater comfort on cross-town and cross-contry trips. (Adjustable Height)
ABA-1TE06-00-00 $360.72
Note: For fitting to XV250 screen mounting hardware is required. (ABA-2GV06-40-00) Chrome plted mounting hardware sold spearately.

XV250 Classic-V Screen Mounts
Mounting harware to suit XV250 Windshiels
ABA-2GV06-40-00 $104.05

So I tried a place I found through CycleTorque magazine, Eagle Screens.

Today I have ordered a screen from them called an Eagle Eater. Daggy sounding I know, but I hope it will fit nicely on my bike and look good too. It will take about ten days for it to make and ship. I am going for the "wide" version with scalloped sides.

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